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The 4 C's - Diamond Clarity

Grades of Clarity
FL Flawless
IF Internally Flawless
V VS1-2 Very, very slightly included
VS 1-2 Very slightly included
SI1-2 Slightly included
I1 Inclusions visible to the unaided eye
12-3 Inclusions obvious to the unaided eye
     Like people, all diamonds are unique.
As diamonds are being formed, small amounts of minerals are trapped in them during the crystallization process. These mineral characteristics identify individual diamonds, much like fingerprints do for people. Called "inclusions", their locations, number, sizes and color determine the diamond's value. The fewer imposing inclusions there are, the higher the clarity
of the diamond. It will reflect more light,
and the diamond will be deemed more valuable. A diamond without visible
inclusions is a rare act of nature. It will
return the most light to the eye, since
there is nothing to distort the light's path.

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